Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August (Board) Meeting Minutes

Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club
Board Meeting Minutes
August 27, 2012 @ 7:00pm

Attendance (5): Day, Forrester, Polega, Silich, Tremberth

1. Welcome, Introductions, and Norms: Susan S.
·         Begin meeting on time.
·         Turn off cell phones.
·         Be respectful.
·         One person speaks at a time.
·         Stay on topic.
·         Stick to the agenda.
·         Motions will be made and seconded.
·         Majority vote passes motion.

2. Mission Statement: Susan S.
·         The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote positive attitudes towards learning and education.
3. Secretary Minutes: Jenica T.
·          Motion to accept June minutes by 1st  Dace D., 2nd Tammy F. Motion passed unanimously; with corrections of 1) remove “and put as a separate line item in budget” from the Treasury Report 2) add that the max size of kindergarten could be 29 to principle’s report 3) Ann Marie Nayback name was changed to the correct spelling

4. Treasury Report: Dace D.
·         Budgets are still under review. They are to be reviewed by Ms. Polega and account manager. Review will continue by motion to proceed with current balance as noted in system. 1st Jenica T. 2nd Tammy F.

5. Principal Report: Ms. Polega
·         Kellie Reimer is the new kindergarten teacher.
·         Student enrollment is under review.
·         Discussed ‘Focus School’ within the district.
·         Back to School BBQ is September 17th. A flyer will be in the packet. It will be a family fun day with Lobster gear for sale.
·         PTC events should be shared and updated on the district calendar.

6. Old Business
Fun Run (Friday, 10.5.12): Dace D.
·         Prizes will be awarded to the top sellers, ranked by metals “gold, silver, bronze”
·         A save-the-date will be handed out.
·         The theme will be ‘Olympics’.
·         The give-away will be a stadium cushion and they are in.
·         We will need to monitor student count (466-490 max).
PTC Flyers & Forms: Susan S.
·         Flyers are completed and were distributed into packets.
Lobbestael Website / PTC Blog
·         New website is up and there will be a link to the PTC Blog. The PTC Blog is approved and will be shared asap.
Budget Request Form/Budget Distribution
·         Dace presented two options and the options were debated. If changes are to occur they will need to be presented to staff at their meeting on the 26th.
PTC By-Laws
·         The By-Laws were presented by the board to Ms. Polega. The board has all reviewed and approved.
PTC Donated Journals
·         Journals were delivered to each classroom.
Box Tops / Campbell Labels
·         It was requested that past Fun Run prizes be used as prizes for the kindergarteners who completed the ‘round-up box top sheet’.

7. New Business
·         No popcorn will be given out until school schedule has been finalized. Alternate plans and/or ways to distribute the popcorn will need to be reviewed. The machine has been move to a storage room next to literacy library.
·         Lobbestael will no longer be participating with the Meijer fundraising, due to 501(C)3.
New Kids Club
·         It was discussed how can we help welcome new students/families/teachers. Would the PTC like to contribute to the Lobbestael “New Kids Club”?

PTC Meeting (9.12.12), 6:30pm in the meeting room

8. Agenda Items
Fall Festival
Restaurant Night
Budget Meeting