Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Meeting Minutes

 Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club
Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2012 @ 6:30pm

Attendance (17): Jenica T., Tammy F., Ann U., Kristen W., Heather M., Susan S.,
Kathy B., Sharyn T., Scott F., Louise L., Jennifer H., Jennifer S., Kelli Wl, Amy L.,
Lisa L., Dace D., B. Polega

1. Welcome, Introductions, and Norms: Susan S.
·         Begin meeting on time.
·         Turn off cell phones.
·         Be respectful.
·         One person speaks at a time.
·         Stay on topic.
·         Stick to the agenda.
·         Motions will be made and seconded.
·         Majority vote passes motion.

2. Mission Statement: Susan S.
·         The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial,
to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote
positive attitudes towards learning and education.
3. Secretary Minutes: Jenica T.
·         PTC Board reviewed minutes from the August 27th PTC Board meeting before
general meeting. 1st Dace D. and 2nd Jennifer H. with the typo correction “form”
to be “for”. Motion passed unanimously.

4. Treasury Report: Dace D.
·         Motion to accept budget as presented: 1st J. Tremberth and 2nd Ann U. Motion
passed unanimously.

5. Principal Report: Ms. Polega
·         Grades 3-5 are taking the MEAP this week and next week. Results come in
next spring.
·         ‘Think Green’ assembly will be held on October 19th.
·         ‘Anti Bullying’ assembly will be held on November 27th.
·         The Superintendent will be returning to Lobbestael in November to read
to the children.
·         Student assessments are currently going on with students. This is done to
check levels & provide further assistance to students who are above or
below grade level in reading, writing, and math.
·         The Halloween Parade will be on 10.31.12 at 1:45pm. Classroom parties will be
held earlier
in the day and further information will be sent home from the teachers.
·         The school is looking for the Lobster costume. Any information would be
much appreciated. 

6. Old Business
Fun Run (Follow Up): Dace D.
·         Kids loved the stations and Hunts Gymnastics did a great job.
·         $12,454 dollars were raised.
·         Overall student participation was up this year. Thank you!
·         Raffle for additional prizes will be held on October 26, 2012, during school.

Popcorn Follow up (1st Friday of every month – Sprit Day): Deanna L.
·         Start next Spirit Day, Friday 11/2
·         $0.25 – smaller bag since given at recess, before lunch.

Fall Festival (Friday, 11.02.12) Kristen W. & Kelli W.
·         Reached out to high school student community leaders for volunteers.
·         Planning on games, popcorn, cookie & cupcake decorating
·         Ann U offered to donate cookies and cupcakes.
·         No karaoke this year.
·         Motion to have photo booth at the cost of $200.00 (w/ Ms. Polega to match)
         in addition to the original $300.00 Fall Fest Budget. 1st Louise, 2nd Anne.
        Motion passed unanimously. 

Restaurant Night Lisa L., Louise L., Ann U.
·         Stevie B’s (10.17.12 from 4-9pm)
·         BW3’s (11.07.12 all day/night) **must have flyer
·         Engine House (December)
·         2013 tentative schedule: McD’s – Jan., Bath City Bistro-Feb., Stevi B’s-April,
Bath City Bistro-May
·         Flyers will include next month’s restaurant to help families remember
event and plan.

7. New Business
Holiday Bazaar (Tuesday, 12.11.12) April B. & Heather M.
·         We are now accepting vendors, please contact the office, PTC or April Babcock.
·          Set up for vendor will take place on Monday evening 12.10.12.
·         Parent volunteers are needed to help the kids shop, flyer will be sent home.

Bake Sale (Wednesday,11.28.12 & Thursday, 11.29.12) Ann U. & Heather M.
·         Flyer to go home on November 12, 2012

Book Fair (Wed, 11.28.12 & Thurs, 11.29.12) Kristen W. & Erin P.

Script Program (Wednesday – 11.28.12 & Thursday 11.29.12)
·         Dace and Ann will plan to start program in order to accommodate for holiday
         shopping this year.

Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee (10.3.12 Follow Up) Kelli W.
·         Utilized a facilitated format designed to gather feedback on what parents
perceive as strengths of the district as well as areas for improvement. 
·         While the representatives had various concerns due to the difference in
Elementary, Middle and High schools the group agreed mostly that the district
has a strong reputation, wonderful staff, beautiful and functional buildings, it is
safe and the district is doing well keeping up with new technologies etc.
·         The top concerns of parents were; disconnections between curriculum between
Elementary, Middle and High school (ease of transitions).  Elementary parents
were concerned with short lunches and taking so much time out of the beginning
of the school year to prep for the MEAP tests.  Another concern was for the lack
of guidance counselors assisting high school students in preparation for college.
Parents also asked for clarification of Pay to Play, PTC best practices and the
districts initiatives towards global integration.
·         If any parents have specific questions and or concerns you would like me to take
back to the committee please email

PTC Meeting (11.14.12), 6:30pm in the meeting room
PTC BUDGET Meeting (10.25.12) 6:00pm in the meeting room

8. Agenda Items
Old Business/Follow-Up: Fall Festival, Restaurant Night, Holiday Bazaar, Bake Sale, Book Fair,
Script, Box Tops

9. Adjournment 7:56pm