Saturday, December 8, 2012

November Meeting Minutes

 Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club
Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2012 @ 6:30pm

Attendance (17): Jenica T., Tiffany V., Kristen W., Susan S., Tammy F., Ann U., Kristen W., Susan S., Sharyn T., Jennifer H., Lisa L., Dace D., B. Polega, Kris D.

1. /2. Welcome, Introductions, and Norms: Susan S.
·         Begin meeting on time.
·         Turn off cell phones.
·         Be respectful.
·         One person speaks at a time.
·         Stay on topic.
·         Stick to the agenda.
·         Motions will be made and seconded.
·         Majority vote passes motion.

3. Mission Statement: Susan S.
The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote positive attitudes towards learning and education.

4. Secretary Minutes: Jenica T.
Motion to accept minutes as presented: 1st Dace Day and 2nd Jennifer Hackett. Motion
passed unanimously.

5. Treasury Report: Dace D.
Motion to accept budget as presented: 1st Jennifer Hackett and 2nd Ann Urban. Motion
passed unanimously.

6. Principal Report: Ms. Polega
a) The school is looking for the Lobster costume. Any information would be much
b) 11.20.12 is a ½ day for students.
c) 11.28.12 & 11.29.12 is conferences. Time slots will be sent home soon.
d) Holiday parties will be held on Thursday, 12.20.12
e) Staff restructure days are being used to work on reading comprehension, writing
skills and math.
f) A Lobbestael Fact Sheet was shared at the meeting. Feedback and input was
requested on “Point of pride” regarding the school. PTC members shared; Lobbestael
makes the communityfeel close, Lobbestael has a comfortable feeling throughout the
building, the lower L students and upper L students interact, family events, the thumbs
up program, ect.
g) 5th grade maturation program is in December. Info will be coming home for the
parents soon. 4th grade maturation program is in January.
h) The 1st grade and 5th grade holiday concert is on Monday, 12.17.12

7. Old Business
Fall Festival (Follow-Up) Kristen W. & Kelli W.
·         Event went really well and stayed in budget.
·         High school volunteers did a nice job and Kristen will be sending them a thank
you card.

Restaurant Night Lisa L., Louise L., Ann U.
·         Engine House (Tuesday, 12.4.12 @ all day) – No flyer is required to count toward
·         Chuck E Cheese (Wed, 1.16.13) – 15% register & stickers for students to redeem
10 free
tokens. Plus, Lobbestael staff eats for free.
·         Bath City Bistro (Feb. & May)
·         Plan to fill other months with McDonald’s or Stevi B’s.

8. Parent Advisory Committee: Kelli W.
·         Committee did not meet. No report

9. Old Business
Holiday Bazaar (Tuesday, 12.11.12) April B. & Heather M.
·         22 tables are confirmed to participate.
·          Options for lunch are being explored. Donations (muffins/bananas) for
breakfast are needed.
·         Parent volunteers are needed to help the kids shop, flyer went out.
·         It was discussed to look at charging for lunch or not providing it next year,
as this may be an unnecessary cost. 
·         Teachers are asked to sign up for a time slot. Sign-up schedule posted in lounge.

Bake Sale (Wednesday,11.28.12 & Thursday, 11.29.12) Ann U. & Heather M.
·         Flyer went out requesting volunteers and bake good denotations.

Book Fair (Wed, 11.28.12 & Thurs, 11.29.12) Kristen W. & Erin P.
·         The book fair theme is “Reading to be a Reading Allstar”
·         Two spirit days to encourage reading and excitement will be Wed, 11.28.12 –
Wear your favorite Jersey and Thur, 11.29.12 – Wear read, to show you are well
read. Participates should stop by the fair to show their spirit and collect a raffle
ticket. Prize will be a poster.
·         Wish Lists for Teachers will be available. Teachers should make a list Tuesday
(11.27.12) evening or Wednesday (11.28.12) morning.

Script Program (Wednesday – 11.28.12 & Thursday 11.29.12)
·         Flyer went out and is due tomorrow.  
·         Scripts will also be available to order at conferences. This order will be placed
separately and will be delivered prior to break. A flyer will go out to let parents
know of the additional opportunity to purchase the gift cards.

Box Tops & Campbell Labels – Tammy F.
·         On December 15th a check will be coming in for $641.00.
·         If you become a box top email subscriber they periodically send out easy and
quick ways to get bonus points. Please join if you can.
·         Meijer and Kroger are currently being very generous with box tops on the back
of receipts. Keep an eye out for these points.
·         Next check will be April 15th.
·         Locations and options for additional box top collections throughout the
community will be explored. Ideas were a note on the school sign, a collection box
at St. Hubert.
·         Many of our Label’s points went towards Fun Run prizes. An additional prize was
required for the 3rd place tie.

10. New Business

11. Budget Requests
Ice Skate Night – Tammy F.
·         Have a community Ice Skating Night at the Mt. Clemens ice arena for
Lobbestael students and their immediate family.
·         Proposed date is Saturday, 1.12.13 from 3:30pm-5:00pm.
·         The arena will charge $4 per skater, which includes skate rental. Jennifer
will talk with Nick to negotiate price per skater.
·         The cost to participate will be $1.00 per skater, which includes skate rental.
The money would be collected at the door. 
·         An RSVP flyer will go out to families, a poster will be up at conferences and a
reminder flyer will be handed out closer to the event (1.7.13) It was advised to
mention on flyers that helmets are suggested for safety.
·         A motion was made to accept the request and proceed with the event (as
mentioned above) 1st by Dace Day, 2nd by Mrs. Thieme. Motion was passed

12. Open Topic Forum
No topics were brought to the table.

13. Agenda Items
Old Business/Follow-Up: Restaurant Night, Holiday Bazaar, Bake Sale, Book Fair, Script,
Box Tops, Ice Skate Night
New Business: No new Items

14. Adjournment – 8:13pm
PTC Meeting (1.9.13), 6:30pm in the media room