Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PALS Week follow up

[a belated] Thank you to all those who donated an item, a lunch or your time to PALS week.  We were able to spoil our staff in many ways throughout the week. The Lobster Love was felt throughout the staff as they enjoyed - a gourmet popcorn bar, personalized lunches, breakfast, got their car windows washed, cashed in their coupons for help and a Super Suessy Treat bar. We were over whelmed with the donations and support of our staff, which made it so easy to spread the joy. The PTC's mailbox was bursting with thank you notes from the staff- so smiles all around :-) 
Jenica Tremberth & Lisa Lepine– PALS week Chairs & The PTC

Invites went out to the entire Lobbestael Staff
Parents made & donated the most delicious varieties of gourmet popcorn

Staff members received a lunch made just to their liking, the "Suessification" was SO fun 

The Pink Yink was the theme at breakfast, the triple berry (pink) smoothies were  a hit.