Monday, August 27, 2012

Meeting Minutes - June (Board Meeting)

Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club  
Board Meeting Minutes
June 21, 2012 @ 6:30pm

Attendance (6): Day, DuChene, Forrester, Polega, Silich, Tremberth

I.       Welcome, Introductions, & Norms: S. Silich

II.      Mission Statement: S. Silich
The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote positive attitudes towards learning and education.

III.     Secretary Minutes: J. Tremberth
                                   A.        Motion to accept May minutes by D. Day, 2nd by K. DuChene. Motion     passed unanimously; with corrections of 1) attendance of 10 2) Edwards 3)  spelling correction to J. Johnston 4) K. Wambach 5) E. Peck was added as co- chair.

            IV.    Treasury Report: D. Day
                      A.        Motion to accept treasury report 1st by J. Tremberth, 2nd by   K.DuChene.  Motion passed unanimously; with correction of 1) removal of 4th  Grade H.T.H.T from field trip to be covered by other  source, i.e. building funds, total amount is $385.00.

V.      Principal Report: B. Polega
          A.        Open House / Curriculum Night – Grades K-2 9/4/12 & Grades 3-5 9/6/12
          B.        Picture Day  / Packet Pick-Up – August 29; postcard will be sent out
          C.        First Day of School – September 4 (full day)
          D.       Back To School BBQ – September 14, games will be added this year for kids. This is a free event.  Spirit wear will be for sale and there will be a silent auction. An RSVP flyer will be sent out. 
          E.        There will be a 3rd kindergarten class being added at Lobbestael. 3 classes will share 2 aides. Class size will be 23-24 students. The PTC should plan ’12-’13 budget with additional Kindergarten section in mind.
          F.        Paid Preschool will be moving to Yacks.
          G.        Landscaping “L” project to begin August 1st. Also would like to start grade level or class gardens.
          H.       AnneMarie Naybeck will be replacing D. Yope.
          I.         Student surveys were collected. Students reported feeling safe and are proud, 5% felt bullying still existed and there were many comments regarding the food.
          J.         PTC to help welcome new kids and families who come to school throughout the year. 

VI.    Old Business
          A.        Fun Run – D. Day
                      1. Dace will assemble team and schedule a summer meeting.
                      2. Need to check with Ms. Polega on # of students to order  give-a-ways. Stadium seat cushions?


VII.   New Business

A.        Update Documents / Process – S. Silich
1. All brochures and Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet to be completed by August 1st so they are ready to put in student folders by 8/29.    
2. Lobbestael Website to be reviewed.
3. PTC blog to be presented at next meeting (Jenica)
4. Dace to put together two options: 1) w/ a new more structured form for the teachers request 2) to have a pool fund teachers can pull from throughout the year. New forms/process will be presented to staff on a Wednesday staff meeting.
5. Due to paid preschool moving the PTC will not need to include them next year.
6. ECSE will be included
7. The By-Laws will be reviewed by board members and any revision required will be made.
8. The fiscal year will be August 1st – July 31st.        

B.        Donated Journals
            1. Motion to accept the donation of classroom journals by the PTC, 1st  by J. Tremberth, 2nd by T. Forrester.  Motion passed unanimously. 

C.        Box Tops – T. Forrester
            1. Looking for a small reward option for KDG Box Tops at round up. It was suggested/ asked if the left over Fun Run prizes could be used  from past years.

D.       PTC Meetings
            1. PTC Board Meeting – August 23rd @ 6:00 pm
            2. PTC general meetings will be held 2nd Wednesday each month at  6:30pm.

VIII.  Agenda Items –
1. Lobbestael Website
2. PTC Blog
3.  Student journals
4. PTC Brochure & Volunteer Sign-Up forms
5.  FUN RUN Update
6. Budget Forms & Process/Distribution
7.  By-Law Final Copy

            Meeting Adjourned at 10:07 pm