Monday, March 4, 2013

February Meeting Minutes

Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club
Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2013 @ 6:30pm

Attendance (13): Jenica T, Dace D., B. Polega, Kris D., Lisa L., Amy L., Susan S., Jennifer H., S. Thieme, E. Fuller, Mr. O, Tiffany, Ann U

1. /2. Welcome, Introductions, and Norms: Susan S.
·         Begin meeting on time.
·         Turn off cell phones.
·         Be respectful.
·         One person speaks at a time.
·         Stay on topic.
·         Discussions shall be limited
·         Motions will be made and seconded.
·         Majority vote passes motion.

3. Mission Statement: Susan S.
The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote positive attitudes towards learning and education.

4. Secretary Minutes: Jenica T.
Motion to accept minutes as presented: 1st Lisa and 2nd Kris. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Treasury Report: Dace D.
Motion to accept budget as presented: 1st Jenica and 2nd Ann. Motion passed unanimously.

6. Principal Report: Ms. Polega
a) MEAP scores are back and information will be sent home and discussed in the next newsletter. Improvements were made in 6 out of 8 areas.
b) Feburary 25th - Lobbestael will be hosting a visiting author.
c) March 7th - Lobbestael will be having a family reading night
      d) April 16th - Lobbestael will be having a family math night
      e) May 2nd  - Lobbestael will be having a family writing night.

7. Parent Advisory Committee: Kelli W. (Lisa L. reported)
Committee discussed the following topics: Title 1 (313 Funds), Curriculum changes, Foundations vs. Bridges, AP and Dual enrollment classes, food and nutrition and teacher appreciation. For more information please visit, to read the complete write up on these topics.

8. Old Business
Restaurant Night Lisa L., Louise L., Ann U.
·         Bath City Bistro (Fri, 2.19.13) – Asking for 10% of sales all day
o   Flyers went out and must be turned in to count
·         McDonald’s(Tues, 3.12.13 from 4-7pm)
o   Volunteers will be needed to help in the dining room.
·         Stevie B’s (Thurs., 4.11.13 from 3-9pm)
·         McDonald’s (Tues, 5.7.13 from 4-7pm)

Box Tops & Campbell Labels – Tammy F.
·         Box Tops: $566.40 check expected 4.15.13
·         Labels: 8,453 collected. 3000+ = 20 free scholastic books. Tammy will confirm offer still available.

Ice Skate Event (Follow UP) Jennifer H.
·         131 people attended. Event went well.

Kindergarten Round Up (Follow Up) Susan S.
·         Flyer approved by Ms. Polega and is ready to go.

Swim night – (Fri., 3.8.13 - 6:30-8:30pm)
·         Flyer ready and will go out on Tuesday.

Spring Conference Idea Box (Thurs, 3.21.13) Dace D.
·         No report.

Bake Sale (Thurs, 3.21.13) Ann U.
·      No report.

Book Fair (Thurs, 3.21.13) Kristen W.
·         Flyer is done and needs to be approved.
·         There will be a poster raffle.
·         Set up will take place on Tuesday, the 19th after school and is all set with volunteers
·         Break down will be 3/21 and 3/22

Basket Raffle (Thurs, 3.21.13) Jenica T. & Amy L.
·         A raffle license will need to be purchased. Dace to work with Ms. Polega on this.
·         Tammy completed building use form.
·         Sign up to be placed in teachers’ lounge by Tuesday, Feb 26th.

Roller Skating Party (Fri., 4.26.13) – Lisa L. & Dace D.
·         Contract has been turned it.
·         Flyer is in the works.

“End of the Year Celebration” (tentative, Tues., 6.4.13)– Jennifer H. / Ms. Polega
·      No report – to be discussed further at next board meeting.

10. New Business

Main Fundraiser (for next school year)
·         Pros and cons were discussed continuing with the Fun Run or trying something new such as, cookie dough or entertainment books.
·         Everyone leaned towards keeping with the Fun Run with the support of the Lobbestael staff and a large committee.  Meeting members agreed/decided to continue with the Fun Run.
·         It was suggested that the PTC reach out to those who run the Fun Run at South River and also anyone else who has success with their schools’ Fun Run.

PALS week (Mon. – Fri. 5.6.13-5.10.13) – Jenica & Lisa
·         Jenica will chair event and coordinate a committee.
·         A budget of $300 is already set.

11. Budget Requests
          a) Flower of the Month Fundraiser – Kelli W.
·         Was considered and the group decided not to pursue this idea at this time due to the amount of fundraisers already in place.
b) Razz Kids – Ms. Page
·         Subscription was extended through June 24, 2013.
·         1 year subscription cost $1169.35
·         Motion to fund Razz kids at the cost of $1,169.35: 1st Kristen and 2nd Lisa. Motion passed unanimously.
          c) 5th Grade Field Trip – Mr. O
·         Requesting funds of $1,651.95 to offset the cost of the 5th grade ski trip.
·         52 of the 59 5th graders are attending, they each paid $6 to participate and $5 for helmet rental.
·         Mt. Holly offered a discounted rate of $30 for skiers and $40 for snowboarders.
·         Motion to pay for the full amount requested $1,651.95: 1st Lisa and 2nd by Tiffany. Motion passed unanimously.

          d) Science Olympiad – Earl F.
·         Requested $630.00 to cover Science Olympiad costs such as; building supplies, books, spirit gear and pizza party.
·         Motion to pay for the full amount requested $630.00: 1st Lisa and 2nd by Ann. Motion passed unanimously.

          e) Media Center - Susan S.
·         Requested to use scholastic funds to purchase 2 copies of the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kids’ Series.
·         Library bound copies were encouraged.
·         Kristen to look into availability of these books, with library binding from Scholastic.

F) 4th Grade harriet Tubman In House Field Trip – Mr. Westerhof
·         Taken care of by Ms. Polega

12. Open Topic Forum

Pouch Brigades – Tiffany
·         Presented flyer on collecting drink pouches from the lunchroom to help fundraiser.
·         This has been done in the past and was deemed unsanitary and a lot of work for minimal return. It was noted that the pouches no longer have to be washed out.
·         It was suggested that this idea be presented to the student representatives, Mrs. Skelis and Mrs. Doppke.

13. Agenda Items
Old Business/Follow-Up: Restaurant Night, Box Tops, Spring Conf. Idea box, book sale, bake sale, basket raffle, roller skating, end of year celebration, PALS week

New Business:

14. Adjournment – 8:23pm
PTC Meeting (3.13.13), 6:30pm in the media room