Monday, March 4, 2013

March Meeting Agenda

March 13, 2013 @ 6:30pm

1. Welcome & Introductions: Susan Silich

2. Norms: Susan Silich
1) Begin the meeting on time                                   2) Please turn off cell phones
3) Be respectful                                                          4) One speaker at a time
5) Stay on topic                                                          6) Discussions shall be limited to the set agenda
7) Motions will be made and seconded                  8) Majority vote passes motion

3. Mission Statement: Susan Silich
The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, to cooperate with the teachers, 
the administration and the community to promote a positive attitude towards learning and education.

4. Secretary Minutes: Jenica Tremberth
5. Treasury Report: Dace Day
6. Principal Report: Ms. Polega

7. Parent Advisory Committee: Kelli W.

8. Old Business
                 a) Restaurant Night (follow-up) – Lisa L. & Louise L.
                             Feb - Bath City Bistro Follow Up
                             March - McDonald’s Follow up
                             Thurs., April 11rd – Stevie B’s
                             Tues, May 7th (4-7pm)– McDonald’s
                 b) Box Tops & Campbell Labels – Tammy F.
c) Swim night (Follow Up) – Tiffany
                 d) Spring Conference suggestion box (Thurs, 3.21.13) – Dace D.
                 e) Scholastic book fair (Thurs, 3.21.13) – Kristen W.
                 f) Bake Sale – (Thurs, 3.21.13) Ann U.
                 g) Basket Raffle (Thurs, 3.21.13) – Jenica T.
                 h) Roller Skating Party (Fri, 4.26.13) – Lisa L. & Dace D.
                 i) PALS week (Mon, 5.6.13 thru Fri, 5.10.13) – Jenica T.

9. New Business / Requests
        a) Ice Cream Social – Kristen W.
        b) Field Day Sno-Cones
        c) End of year celebration (tentative Tues, 6.4.13)

10. Open Topic forum

11. Agenda Items

12. Adjournment
        Next meeting is April 10, 2013 @ 6:30pm