Friday, January 18, 2013

January Meeting Mintues

Lobbestael Elementary
Parent Teacher Club
Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2013 @ 6:30pm

Attendance (11): Jenica T., Tammy F., Dace D., B. Polega, Kris D., Lisa L., Amy L., 
Susan S., Jodi P., Jennifer H., S. Thieme

1. /2. Welcome, Introductions, and Norms: Susan S.
·         Begin meeting on time.
·         Turn off cell phones.
·         Be respectful.
·         One person speaks at a time.
·         Stay on topic.
·         Stick to the agenda.
·         Motions will be made and seconded.
·         Majority vote passes motion.

3. Mission Statement: Susan S.
The Parent Teacher Club’s agenda is to lend support, both moral and financial, 
to cooperate with teachers, the administration and community to promote 
positive attitudes towards learning and education.

4. Secretary Minutes: Jenica T.
Motion to accept minutes as presented w/ the correction to the Kdg. Journal 
amount, $72.05: 1st Dace and 2nd Jennifer. Motion passed unanimously.

5. Treasury Report: Dace D.
Motion to accept budget as presented: 1st Kris and 2nd Jenica. Motion passed 

6. Principal Report: Ms. Polega
a) This month is ‘Board Appreciation Month’.
b) Kindergarten Round Up is Feb. 6th at the JAPAC Center. The district is 
sending out information, waiver and registration for the new laws regarding 
date-of-birth and enrollment eligibility.
c) Lobbestael had been selected to be a pilot school for a higher level of security.
 A person was placed at the school entrance to watch the door and greet all 
visitors. SAC had been directed to another door. This pilot test is complete and 
the school is returning to prior procedures. Administration is working on new 
processes addressing security during SACC pick up at the Cafeteria doors. 
Installing a window in the doors as well as placing a camera and monitor 
has been discussed.
d) Lobbestael welcomed 5 new students, our new total is 449 
(preschool thru 5th grade) 4 - 5th graders and 1 - 4th grader. 4 new families.

7. Parent Advisory Committee: Kelli W. (Kelli W.)
Committee did not meet, no report.

8. Old Business
Restaurant Night Lisa L., Louise L., Ann U.
·         Chuck E Cheese (Wed, 1.16.13) – The  Chuck E. Mouse is 
visiting 1.16.13 @ 2:45pm
·         Bath City Bistro (Fri, 2.1513) – Asking for 10% of sales all day
·         McDonald’s(Tues, 3.12.13)or Stevi B’s.
·         Stevie B’s (Wed, 4.3.13)
·         May (TBD)

Box Tops & Campbell Labels – Tammy F.
·         1,400 labels were recently counted! (Thank you!)
·         Last Sunday’s paper has a bonus sheet for labels, please check 
this out.
·         BOX TOPs will be sent in next week to ensure money will be 
included in the April 15th check.

Ice Skate Event (Sat. 1.12.13 @ 3:30-5pm) Jennifer H.
·         RSVP is at 120 people, planning for 150.
·         A couple volunteers are needed for the door, to collect $1 and 
give entrance sticker.

10. New Business
Kindergarten Round Up (Wed. 2.6.13)
·         PTC to include a flyer in the packet.

Spring Conference Idea Box (Thurs, 3.21.13) Dace D.
·         Encourage brainstorming and new ideas from parents and students
·         Try to recruit more people to visit the blog and sign-up for emails 
from the PTC

Bake Sale (Thurs, 3.21.13) Ann U.
·      Verify with Ann if Heather M. intends to co-chair the spring event.

Book Fair (Thurs, 3.21.13) Kristen W.
·         Verify with Kristen if Erin P. is still interested in helping out again.

Basket Raffle (Thurs, 3.21.13) Jenica T. & Amy L.
·         A raffle license will need to be purchased. Dace to work with 
Ms. Polega on this.
·         Each basket must be under $500 in value.
·         Ticket prices as follows: $1=1 ticket, $5=6 tickets, $10=13 tickets, 
$20=25 tickets

11. Budget Requests
Roller Skating Party – Lisa L. & Dace D.
·         Pricing secured at $2.75 per skater at Great Skate, 100 skater 
minimum up to 500.
·         A motion was made to accept the request and provide $650.00 
to cover the event (amount based on previous attendance and 
current enrollment) 1st by Lisa L., 2nd by Kris. Motion was passed 

Golf Event – Jennifer H.
·      One Putt Portable Putting Course based in Mt. Pleasant.
·      Rent an 9 Hole course for 8 hours for $800 (black light $900)
·      If 2 parents agree to help set up company will discount cost $50. 
$750 ($850 for black light option)
·      Group discussed possibility of combining this event with other 
games/activities and making it into end of year celebration. 
Possibly serving hot dogs and ice cream.

12. Open Topic Forum
No topics were brought to the table.

13. Agenda Items
Old Business/Follow-Up: Restaurant Night, Box Tops, Swim Night, 
Spring Conf. Idea box, book sale, bake sale, basket raffle, roller skating, 
golf event/celebration

New Business: PALS week, Razz kids

14. Adjournment – 8:00pm
PTC Meeting (2.13.13), 6:30pm in the media room