Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Parent Advisory Meeting Mintues

Parent Advisory Meeting, April 2013
Taken by: Kelli Walinske
Direct from Jackie Johnson

Review of LC demographics, school of choice (Macomb county) and what it means for LC
-          District receives $7,398 per child from the state, this is 90% of the schools revenue
-          Macomb county birth rates are decreasing = lower elementary enrollment
-          Currently approx... 115  less children in K vs. 12th

Budget (on school website)
Local Revenue $17,513,842
State Revenue $77,756,631 (includes grants and special programs)
Milage $8,176,324
TOTAL $103,446,797
Loss of approx.. 100 kids = $750,000
Salaries $62,579
Retirement $15,688
Benefits $11,962
FICA $4,275
Grants $3,238
Utilities $3,124
Other $8,571 (supplies etc.)
TOTAL $109,440

LC average at county and state grades in math and reading have increased
LC average at county and state grades in science have decreased

College Night to be held April 18
Elite schools, in and out of state, armed forces, big 10 west coast private and public schools
Reference to Joy Foundation which helps kids with college, what makes a good essay, how to make yourself stand out and they also have training and counselors.